Break The Chains Holding You Back
Break The Chains Holding You Back

Do you feel you are in Complete Control of your life

and Everything that Happens in it?

In this life, we can be victims of circumstance, or creators of our desires.

Most people struggle through life. Is that really what you want?

What if there were techniques and truths, the knowing of which, could transform you from victim to creator? From being under your problems, to being the master of them.

What if this transformation of you, could transform your life from one of repeated struggle and frustration, into Joy, Bliss, Happiness and the fulfillment of all your desires?

Being The Creator

How do we transition from where we are now, to where we want to be? This is a process of letting go. Letting go of restrictive ideas. Letting go of assumptions about who we are and the world we live in. Letting go of dis-empowering beliefs.


Having Perfect Relationships

The substance of relationships is communication –
verbal and non-verbal.
Powerful, clear, impactful communication with others must be preceded with clear communication with yourself.


Having Perfect Health

We reside in these amazing machines, we call our bodies. Beyond conventional medicine are hundreds of, largely unheard of, approaches you can use for restoring and keeping health. If you’ve been told “there is no cure” or you need surgery, look here first.


What People are Saying about Paul

Event Participant

That I decide the value of the events in my life that I can choose to live intentionally vs reacting to situations.

Event participant

Feeling of worthiness, dont’ be so self critical.

Event participant

Being more understanding to myself.  Do not worry or blame myself for the bad things I think I did.

Ginny Dworchak

I enjoyed Paul’s presentation very much. I’m always looking forward to growing as a person and found the event to be a wonderful step in assisting me in my continuing pursuit of personal growth. I now find I am giving myself more rewards. Allowing myself to recognize and accept gifts and victories more readily.

Sanda Kruger

Today was a great reminder of the fact that we have a choice and we are in control over our reactions!

Mary Lou Houllis – Spiritual Leader, New Beginning Oneness Center, Tarpon Springs, FL

WOW, is all I can say about Paul Levin’s amazing presentation!  He gives insightful information about the many holistic choices we have today other than what Western medicine offers us. I would love to share this information with everyone!

Susan Allen – Event Coordinator

It was very interesting to hear what Paul had to say about the different holistic techniques.

Lisa Cherifi – Event Coordinator

I enjoyed when Paul Levin spoke on holistic health topics! I found him to be enlightening, intelligent and innovative. You don’t want to miss what he has to say!

Susan Ferraro – Event Attendee

The presentation Paul gave is a holistic approach to healthcare, something I always wondered about, but never took the time to explore. I must say the information he provided was very informative. It was presented in simple understandable terms with specific details and examples and a demonstration. Paul’s presentation has left me with the desire

Sara Im – Wellness Consultant, Event coordinator

… informative and practical … good sense of humor…

Steve Vigil – Motivational Speaker, Real Estate Coach

Paul is a passionate Speaker. You can feel his message!

Jim Stikeleather – Futurist, Strategist, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Reader; Thinker; Mentor, Author; Doer; Pusher of envelopes

Solid, reliable, accurate, consistent, on time, high quality – you could not ask for more.


Change How You Think Change Your Life

Change How You Think, Change Your Life

What if there was a simple way to change your unproductive behaviors?

What if you could silence that voice in your head?

You know the one I’m talking about – the one that’s always making you wrong.

This event will describe for you exactly what is going on in your mind that is the source of those behaviors.

Probably for the very first time, you’ll actually see the process happening in your head, and you’ll have the power to change it, at will.

We’ll use a light hypnosis to reinforce the lessons, so you can begin to live your life from a new position of power and control.

Paul Levin will be presenting these concepts using advanced learning techniques, causing your mind to absorb it like a sponge. This event will change how you think, forever.

Change How You Think, Change Your Life.


Manifesting Your Perfect Life

Manifesting Your Perfect Life

This 5-hour experience packed event will build for you a foundation of understanding, and provide you with practical how-to tools to experience the Perfect Life that awaits you.

Do you believe, as I do, that you Deserve A Perfect Life?

Is learning the skills to bring into your reality the Perfect Life that you Deserve, something you want to learn?

  • We will examine the principle that everything is energy, including you and I.
  • We will develop a firm foundation and understanding of who you really are and the implications of that.
  • You’ll see the tremendous power available to you.
  • You’ll learn of a mind-blowing alternate understanding of our human experience, and how you can use that understanding to your benefit.
  • You will come to understand the 4 levels of consciousness and how to move into higher levels.
  • We will identify 8 structures in our lives and examine the level of consciousness we are experiencing in each structure.
  • We will fully explore the process by which we transform our lives and grow, more and more, into the person we desire to be.
  • You will learn and practice the process of manifestation – the act of creating in your life experience, anything you really want.
  • We’ll use light hypnosis to reinforce and accelerate the learning.

Isn’t it time you started having a Perfect Life?



Personal Hypnosis and Break Through Coaching

Is there something in your life, where you are stuck?  Its one of those things, you tell yourself, “I’m working on that”.

There really is no need for you to be working so hard.  Simply tell your mind what you want it to do.  Uncover the lies your mind has been believing, and replace them with truth.

Paul uses hypnosis in his events and private sessions, for educational and enlightenment purposes.  Hypnosis allows the mind to accept and store information without a lot of filtering and judgements.  With the aid of hypnosis the key lessons become a permanent part of your mind.  Allowing you to automatically live from an empowering place.


Private and Group Mentorship Program

The “Life Application Mentorship Program, For Creating Your Perfect Life” is a 3 month hands-on, in-depth program, focusing on the creation of Happiness and Joy, and anything else you wish to manifest in your perfect life. All of the concepts and exercises in the Manifesting Your Perfect Life event, will be taught.  Several more exercises have been added to accelerate your learning and to bring experiences that you desire, into your life, even faster.

This training focuses on you and your growth.  The first part is 1-on-1 where the concepts will be learned and experienced – roughly 6 weeks.  In the second, as a group, we will work with each other to building the habits of applying the techniques to every situation that comes up in your life. Automatically and effortlessly.  Here is where you will see miraculous experience occur in your life.

Speaking Events

Are you having an event?  A conference, a corporate meeting or a social group?  And you need a speaker. 

You want your employees/members/guests to have a life changing experience, they will never forget.

Paul can bring the above events to you and your people.

The Change How You Think, Change Your Life; and Manifesting Your Perfect Life programs are perfect for personal and group growth events.

Paul also delivers presentations on Unconventional Healthcare and Perfect Relationships.

Meet Paul

Through out my life, even as a teenager in boarding school, I felt there was a Spirit – a Force, watching over me; assuring me that things would workout in the end. Certainly there were times when that feeling was distant. Other times, usually the lowest points, that feelings was so reassuring, it was a concrete fact in my mind.

These past few years have been amazing. I have come to realize that life is not something that happens to me, as I previously believed. Life is actually something I create, moment by moment. I have been on a wonderful journey. No longer am I a victim to the world around me. I am now, and have always been, the creator of my experience.

This may sound like self-delusion or hocus pocus. Maybe it is. But since all that matters to me is my experience of my life, I don’t care what we call it. As more of the things I desire appear in my life, with more and more in the making, my life has become a most exciting and enjoyable playground. A playground of my creation, in which I get to play every day.

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