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The basis of a good relationship is communication.

We’ve heard that said before… and its not true!

The basis of any good relationship is effective communication.

Effective communication with someone else, starts with effective communication with yourself.

What do you want to express to the other person?

Why do you want to express that thought?

What result do you intent to produce with this communication?

Before communicating with another person, first answer these questions for yourself.

When you are clear on your intention, then with boldness, no concern for fear, but with compassion, choose the words that will express your truth.

I am certainly referring to romantic relationships here.  But this simple formula applies to all types of relationships – parent/child, teacher/student, employer/employee.

Communication is not just verbal.  In fact, only a small percentage of communication is the words we use.  The exact percentage is a matter of debate, but everyone agrees, that body language, facial expressions and tone of voice convey a lot more meaning than just the words.

Clarity of your intention, when communicating, will automatically be conveyed by your body and tone of voice.  At the same time, the sub-conscious mind will select the words that convey your intention.

Sometimes, you won’t need any words at all ….



In the beginning, there was God – Spirit – or my favorite – The Force.

And God created Man (and WoMan) from the dust of earth and breathed into him his Spirit.

So what are we?

Very simply put, we are dust and Spirit.

And from our birth, we have taken on ideas, beliefs.  Many of which have been dis-empowering.  Designed to hold us back, keep us safe and protected.

That’s all well and good, if the goal is to keep us alive for as long as possible.  But do these limiting beliefs enhance our life? Do they empower us to do great things? Do they simply allow us to enjoy our lives to the fullest?

I sincerely hope you have said NO to each of those questions.

So what is the process of our transformation?  Of our evolution, from restricted man into the beautiful and powerful butterfly God intended us to be?

It is one of letting go.  Letting go of everything that holds us back, that restricts us.

In the coming months, watch for my live events and my recorded products.

We have become so ingrained in our limiting beliefs that, without help, we can not break free.  You will find that help here.

In the meantime, check out an awesome book – “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill.  Its available for free on the internet in PDF and video on Youtube.