I Deserve To Be Well

The basis of a good relationship is communication.

We’ve heard that said before… and its not true!

The basis of any good relationship is effective communication.

Effective communication with someone else, starts with effective communication with yourself.

What do you want to express to the other person?

Why do you want to express that thought?

What result do you intent to produce with this communication?

Before communicating with another person, first answer these questions for yourself.

When you are clear on your intention, then with boldness, no concern for fear, but with compassion, choose the words that will express your truth.

I am certainly referring to romantic relationships here.  But this simple formula applies to all types of relationships – parent/child, teacher/student, employer/employee.

Communication is not just verbal.  In fact, only a small percentage of communication is the words we use.  The exact percentage is a matter of debate, but everyone agrees, that body language, facial expressions and tone of voice convey a lot more meaning than just the words.

Clarity of your intention, when communicating, will automatically be conveyed by your body and tone of voice.  At the same time, the sub-conscious mind will select the words that convey your intention.

Sometimes, you won’t need any words at all ….



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