Reality Shifting Mastery Program

Reality Shifting Mastery Program

3-month life transformational program


Learn how to change your reality. Have more
confidence, more happiness and joy. Have a sense of control over your life. And have a life of flow and ease.

  • 6-weeks Reality Shifting training

  • 6-weeks life application mentoring

  • 60-minute sessions are held weekly on Zoom.

  • Each week, you will have an exercise to repeat daily.

Payment plans available. Guaranteed results.
Couples - 2497      Family - 3497

Reality Shifting Training

I Just Want You to be Happy

4-video self-study program

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Only $297

Discover the answer to the question, "Where did my Happiness Go?" Learn how to get it back. Remove physical and Emotional Pain.

  • 4 training videos

  • 10-page student workbook

  • 30-minute private clarity sessions to map out your path to more happiness.

  • 30-minute bonus video, teaching advanced Happiness techniques.

Clarity Session

60-minute session


Obtain inner peace about one life issue that has been giving you grief.  Obtain:

  • Clarity - inner peace

  • Emotional Clearing - be free of pain and guilt.

  • Direction - know your next step.

Package Discount: 5 sessions for 597

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Available in paperback, eBook and Audible.