You are All Set for
"I Just Want You To Be Happy!"

Thank you for purchasing the "I Just Want You To Be Happy" program.

In a couple hours, you will receive your first email of the program.  That email will contain:

  • a link to the first video, and

  • a link to download the workbook.

You will receive a second email 24 hours after the first, containing a link to the second video. 

The next day you will receive the third teaching video.

On the fourth day, you will receive an email containing:

  • a link to the 4th video,

  • a link to schedule your Clarity Session, and

  • a link to the bonus video.

If you have any problems with the emails or videos, please contact Paul Levin at, 813-841-5583, or use our Contact Us form.

We look forward to discussing the program, and your happiness, during your Clarity Session.